Vegan Day 4: My first visit to a vegan café

Did you know these places existed? I sure didn’t. These were previously places I always walked by, because I assumed this is what would be considered carrot cake:



But surprisingly, I was happy to find out that there were brownies, cupcakes, and *gasp* cheesecake! I was pleased to take a seat at the Veganz café and have a choco bar and coffee:

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Vegan Day 1: A steady start.

The prep is ready: My fridge and pantry have been purged of animal products (or at least hidden away, out of sight) and replaced with vegan-friendly alternatives. I have meals planned for the upcoming week. I am theoretically ready.

Let’s see how this goes. But first, a nod to my first dinner:

2017-03-01 13.03.51

Dinner: Kisir, oven roasted veg (bell peppers, carrots), home made falafels, a ball of hummus