Burgers in Berlin: Hot Dog’s & Burger* (Prenzlauer Berg)

The weather was amazing today, finally! With the temperature hitting a balmy 30ºC today in Berlin, it was high time that I enjoyed a beer outside in the sun. After a long-relaxing bike ride through the Tiergarten, I desperately wanted to have a drink with a friend outside in one of the Tiergarten’s many biergartens on its periphery. Alas, each of my favored options were overrun with summer tourists on city bike tours. I ended up meeting up with my roommate at the Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg and once we were hungry, walked up and down Kastanienallee until we ended up at Hot Dog’s & Burger* near Zionskirchplatz. And yes, that horribly misplaced apostrophe unfortunately belongs to the proper name of the Imbiss. (*Really, you have no idea how much it pains me to write this out improperly.) They also had a mildly terrifying statue of creepy fries in front:

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Leylak (Kreuzberg): Freshly baked Pide and Lahmacun

After visiting the chaos and craziness at the 2nd annual Hipster Olympiade (German report and lots of pictures here, oh and training, of course), a few friends and I ventured from Postbahnhof in Friedrichshain across the Spree to Kreuzberg in the search of something to eat before hitting the town. They insisted that we pay a visit to their Turkish “friends” at Leylak on Hallesches Tor, a cozy Turkish Imbiss (snack bar) that they frequent.

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