Quick Dinner: Casarecce with Crème fraîche, Peas, and Bacon

When you get back from a trip, you usually have two completely opposite reactions once you step into your kitchen. 1) I want “real” food. 2) I don’t want to spend a lot of time to get it because I just got off a plane with an entire children’s football team.

This was the case for me when I got back and I happened to have a bunch of random things around in my fridge and in my pantry, which was lucky. After a lot of cold food in Denmark in the form of smørrebrød (trip updates coming soon!), a big bowl of hot pasta sounded fantastic. But I had no traditional sauces or toppings around — but I did have some crème fraîche. What ended up on my plate a mere 15 minutes later was pretty awesome for some on the fly cooking.

Casarecce with Peas, Bacon, and Crème fraîche

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