On the road: Hej Denmark!

Tomorrow I head out to Denmark for work and for this reason, posts may be spotty until next Monday. Hopefully there will be some interesting things for me to report back afterwards — my knowledge of Danish cuisine and food-related things can be easily whittled down to a 5-part list:

The only 5 things I know about Danish cuisine (pre-departure):

1) The “Best Restaurant in the World” is Noma in Copenhagen (both the city and the restaurant are unfortunately not on the itinerary this time around).

Trine (at verygoodfood.dk) has eaten at noma several times. Click on this photo to read her blog for her reviews of noma, as well as some amazing reviews of Copenhagen restaurants. Her photography is excellent.

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Is that latte art, or are you just playing with your coffee?

Latte art is apparently very “in” right now, since so many high-end coffee shops are really getting into the groove. I really like trying techniques out at home to see if I can replicate something by myself (in such weak attempts to save money or to impress guests). So I made myself some espresso-like coffee with a trusty moka pot, heated/foamed up some milk and got to pouring:

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Lazy linkage: On food and writing.

Lazy Sunday; no review today, just a link. Well, honestly, I was at the Holi Open Air Festival in Friedrichshain and am still coughing up colored powder and confetti. What an experience. I strongly suggest finding any excuse to throw colored powder at strangers while dancing. Do it. You won’t regret it.

(For optimal viewing, start at 1:10 for the countdown.)

This article got me thinking, I should really keep myself in check:

Grub Street NY: Stick a Fork in ‘Em: Which Food-Writing Clichés Should We Toss Out Forever?

Apologies for using the words “NOM NOM NOM” in a previous entry.