About this site: Food blog in Berlin. Food at home. Food everywhere.

For here? To go? Somehow, decisions are much easier when you are only given two options.

My brother and I always played a game in the car whenever we were trying to decide what we would eat for dinner that evening, knowing that our parents were having a date night out. We would always be so indecisive, so we’d use a system of rapid-fire questions to decide what we would do: Spicy or salty? Rice or noodles? For here or to go?

The namesake of this food and travel blog reflects on this sort of decision making that I often encounter: whether or not to cook at home or to go out for food, to dine in a restaurant or to order a pizza. But the notion of “here” is constantly changing. And my wanderlust (and sometimes my work) keeps me on the go, away from my home base.

Currently, “here” is Berlin: a hodgepodge of Germans and assorted expatriates like myself, which has created a rather exciting culinary landscape “to go” out and explore. But sometimes, I miss the comforts and tastes that remind me of other places where “here” was somewhere else. For that reason, I often enjoy cooking at home for my roommates and friends.

This blog is an outlet for me to passionately share the amazing food-related experiences with the public, as I truly believe it is too selfish for me to keep them to myself. They will be a mix of recipes I attempt in my own kitchen, reviews and notes on food-related locations in Berlin, and reflections of culinary experiences during travels in the past and in the present.