My upcoming 40-day challenge : veganism.

As the kind of person who likes planning my weekly meals with giddy pleasure — this is the first week that I’ve ever stared at my lists with worry.

Starting Wednesday I am challenging myself to see if I can do something unthinkable: go (temporarily) vegan for 40 days….as much as I can, anyway.

This is unfathomable, because this is how I act at a Brazilian rodizio grill (an all you can eat insanity meat buffet where low-carb dieters consider breadbaskets a table centerpiece):


The trick is to limit any sort of direct eye contact with others.

You might wonder, why? How? And… how?

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Hello again.

Dear interwebs,

Hi there. It’s me, again. After some years of internet hibernation, I’m back. I wish I could say that I had been off on an Antarctic penguin research trip, working as a chef on a nuclear submarine, or being paid by NASA to lie down and do nothing — just to explain my prolonged absence.

But nope. Like most other blogs, it was a combination of A) losing the desire to write and putting off posting, which ultimately lead to B) forgetting both my username and password for this site.

In the attempt to not forget the many places I’ve seen, the markets visited, the Pinterest recipe wins (and spectacular fails), I’ve got some entries in the making.

See you soon.