Quick Dinner: Casarecce with Crème fraîche, Peas, and Bacon

When you get back from a trip, you usually have two completely opposite reactions once you step into your kitchen. 1) I want “real” food. 2) I don’t want to spend a lot of time to get it because I just got off a plane with an entire children’s football team.

This was the case for me when I got back and I happened to have a bunch of random things around in my fridge and in my pantry, which was lucky. After a lot of cold food in Denmark in the form of smørrebrød (trip updates coming soon!), a big bowl of hot pasta sounded fantastic. But I had no traditional sauces or toppings around — but I did have some crème fraîche. What ended up on my plate a mere 15 minutes later was pretty awesome for some on the fly cooking.

Casarecce with Peas, Bacon, and Crème fraîche

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Is that latte art, or are you just playing with your coffee?

Latte art is apparently very “in” right now, since so many high-end coffee shops are really getting into the groove. I really like trying techniques out at home to see if I can replicate something by myself (in such weak attempts to save money or to impress guests). So I made myself some espresso-like coffee with a trusty moka pot, heated/foamed up some milk and got to pouring:

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Zucchini Adventures, Volume 1: Chocolate & Zucchini Cake

The weather in Berlin has been rainy for most of the summer, which is not ideal for most people. But anyone with a vegetable garden, might think otherwise. A colleague of mine belongs to the second group, and was nice enough to give me three zucchinis from his garden. Apparently, his crop was yielding so much bounty that both he and most of his friends can’t even look at the damn vegetable anymore. These things were serious in size and weight; three pieces weighed 2.7 kg (~6 lbs)! The largest of the lot weighed 1.1 kg (~2.4 lbs):

My brother had given me a cookbook a few Christmases ago, from a very well-known food blogger named Clothilde Dusoulier, named Chocolate and Zucchini. This seemed like the perfect time to try my hand at the blog’s namesake recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake. My German roommates couldn’t really quite believe that chocolate and zucchini would go together, but once they tried it, they were believers.

Gâteau Chocolat & Courgette

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