Summermoon Wood Fired Coffee: Austin, Texas

Work-related travel has brought me to Texas, a state that I have never visited and always seemed kind of foreign to me as someone from the Northeast US. Though the trip from cold and gray Berlin was very long, the sunny and balmy weather that greeted me upon arrival made it all worth it.

Austin_PassengerDogEven the dogs in Texas know how awesome the weather is outside.

One sunny morning, I ventured out around South Austin to find a decent cup of coffee. A quick maps search landed me at Summermoon Wood Fired Coffee on South 1st Street. I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect — but I was warmly welcomed by this nifty retro sign that pointed me towards my caffeine fix:


Apparently they are known for roasting their own coffee, but I was primarily intrigued by so-called “Moon Milk” on offer. This is apparently a secret mix of 7 ingredients, which was basically milk and some fun spices (vanilla? cardamon? cinnamon?) used in their lattes. I opted for a Summermoon Latte, which was the full sugar version. I think I might have been better off with a Half Moon, which was half-sweet, but nevertheless, I was very happy with the end result. It felt like a rich sweet dessert latte; if you are into the crazy concoctions at Starbucks, you would probably like this. I’m not a big dessert latte fan (I’d primarily drink cortados, drip coffee, or cappuccinos) but since I was on vacation, this did the trick:

2013-01-30They also had breakfast tacos on the menu, which was a completely new idea to me. They were waiting on their next delivery at the time (about 10:15 am) so I patiently waited until their taco delivery came in. I was suggested to try the cactus, egg, and cheese taco, which was given to me with a spicy salsa verde:

IMG_0762Amazing. I now believe that breakfast tacos need to be more available around the world.

Summermood Wood Fired Coffee
3115 1st St S, Suite 1B
Austin, TX 78704


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