Is that latte art, or are you just playing with your coffee?

Latte art is apparently very “in” right now, since so many high-end coffee shops are really getting into the groove. I really like trying techniques out at home to see if I can replicate something by myself (in such weak attempts to save money or to impress guests). So I made myself some espresso-like coffee with a trusty moka pot, heated/foamed up some milk and got to pouring:

Now, all of the videos on YouTube made this look way too easy. Also, the professional baristas tend to accomplish this task at lightning speeds. Needless to say, I was too into taking pictures of the process, that I just had a nice big dollop of foam on the top with espresso-like coffee underneath. Oh well.

This is what it’s SUPPOSED to look like. This latte was professionally done at The Barn right here in Berlin.

In the end, I kind of cheated, took the end of a toothpick and just started drawing things to kind of make it look like a shell. At least the crema mixed with the foam kind of looked cool. To make it café-like and pretty, I added two little dashes of cocoa on top.
I’ll have to give it another try sometime soon, at the very least with some better pouring equipment. Since I didn’t have a pitcher with a spout, I was attempting to do pour with a regular mug. Also full-fat milk might help me out a bit more — I was using 1,5% fat milk. In the end, it was not the prettiest but it was still a nice way to kick off the morning. Definitely a step up from my boring drip coffee, no milk, no sugar.

All those YouTube tutorials make it look way too easy… Has any amateur had success at home?


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