Snack Attack: When in Prague, eat Grilled Bacon Potato Chips

Since I’m writing about food, there’s something you should know about me: I love bacon. The smell of freshly cooked, sizzling back could probably wake me out of a coma. Nope, that’s not strong enough. Let’s try again.

If bacon was a 90′s boy band, I would be that fan still screaming like a teenager at the reunion tour in 2012, punching any other fan that blocked my view. Hell, even though bacon isn’t a boyband, that doesn’t keep me from collecting my fan gear:

These were actually all gifts from friends, I swear. Friends who get me and my long, complicated relationship with bacon.

I’ve been trying to not indulge AS often as possible. Plus, my experience finding nicely thick-cut bacon here in Berlin hasn’t been that successful (although if anyone knows where I can get some, please tell me). But one time, a few friends of mine from the US came to visit and did a side trip to Prague and brought the best souvenir ever back:

It’s in a “TV Pack”…it’s like they’re specifically marketing this product to me. I’m on to you, Lay’s Czech Republic.

They’re pretty damn awesome, I must say. They’re not just bacon-flavored. That’s for chumps. In the Czech Republic, they understand that bacon needs to be GRILLED and that the smokiness of the bacon needs to be carried over, if you truly want the essence of bacon to be channeled via some other foodstuff. Two thumbs up.

What other fun potato chip flavors are out there in the world? Canada has their ketchup chips, the UK has their salt and vinegar, and Japan brought us Shrimp Flavored Chips. I feel like there are lots of lists that show crazy flavors that might not be as universally beloved (I’m looking at you, octopus chips) — but what about nontraditional flavors that are super popular in their country of origin? Any thoughts

Cheers and happy Saturday.


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