The Barn (Mitte): Highbrow coffee

Coffees are almost always in order on a Sunday afternoon, when Berliners roll out of bed and try to move on from whatever Saturday night they had (or are potentially still having).

The Barn is centrally located yet tucked away in the Scheunenviertel near Koppenplatz, on the eastern side of Augustastraße. My coffee companion and I were excited to sit outside and bask in the warm sun — the weather is set to finally perk up this week in Berlin!

Prior to coming here, I read a little bit about the place on their website and was astounded to their attention to detail. For people who are really, really particular about their coffee — this place is an OCD-coffee lovers dream. The machine is custom made from Seattle, coffee preparation modes are selected based on the bean, fresh milk comes in directly from the pasture outside of Berlin, and even the brewing water goes through reverse osmosis. Needless to say, I was expecting one hell of a coffee.

My cortado (a larger espresso cut with foamed milk) did not fail to impress me. The microfoam on the milk was not only gorgeous, but the hot milk itself was almost velvety and sweet. The espresso had great character with a nice, clean finish and not a hint of bitterness. My only critique is that there was a bit too much milk, noticeably more than the cortados that I grew to love in South America. I’m definitely not a coffee geek (although I have seen some cupping classes on offer that sound interesting in Berlin), but these guys really know what they are doing with their coffee beans. The Barn strikes me as a place where very serious coffee drinkers must go to, and I recommend it strongly to anyone, especially as an exquisite treat for people who normally drink mediocre drip coffee on a day-to-day basis (I belong to this group, for sure).

The Barn
(Rosentaler Platz: U8, M1, M8, Tram 12)
Augustastraße 58
10119 Berlin-Mitte


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