Bibliotheca Culinaria (Mitte): Cookbook paradise

As soon as I walked down the stairs into the cookbook-crammed basement, my eyes widened in awe. Suddenly I was surrounded by stacks and stacks of nothing but cookbooks, mostly from the 1950’s-1970’s.  I was greeted by the cheery owner, saying, “Bitte nehmen Sie Platz und lesen Sie so lange wie Sie wollen.” (Please take a seat and read as long as you want.)

For the next hour, I perused books about different main courses in the former East Germany, a Spanish encyclopedia about cooking, and (my favorite) a bread baking book from the 1970’s, earmarked with multiple tips and notes written in the margins.

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If you are interested in cookbooks from decades past (and preferably have some working knowledge of German), this is a must-stop location. The books are carefully picked and the owner knows much of his stock: from the book that I did purchase, he told me to try baking the Apfeltorte (he enjoyed it). There are a few cozy seats strewn around for reading, along with the opportunity to purchase a coffee. There is a small bookcase of English-language books in the back; most French- and Spanish-language books covered French and Spanish cuisine, respectively.

Bibliotheca Culinaria
(near Rosenthaler Platz: U8, M1)
Zehdenicker Straße 16
10119 Berlin
Open Monday-Friday 11-19h; Saturday 11-16h


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